California Cannabis Compliance Regulations are comprised of over 100 pages of detailed legal language. 

Local (City or County) rules determine the lawfullness of the business to operate within city limits. 

However, it is the California Bureau of Cannabis Control that demands adherence to larger issues: water, waste, environment, safety, business operations, etc. 

Failure to be in compliance with each and every regulation results in a range of fines: from a few hundred dollars to complete license revocation.  

In addition, certain non-compliance instances risk criminal prosecution. 


Licensed businesses found to be in non-compliance face fines and other potential consequences, As such, the state regulations provide each business the opportunity to contest the finding(s) by requesting an administrative hearing. 

The defense presented for the hearing requires detailed preparation and an understanding of not only the compliance regulations, but also the business and all individuals involved.

Investing in an aggressive defense early can reduce fines and, in some cases, salvage the reputation of the business itself.




The conceptual design of a cannabis-related facility is paramount to applying for and receiving a license. A comprehensive network of amazing interior and graphic designers, architects, and business operators (including software and IT contractors) is crucial for success.

Project Management coordinates concepts and options that best meet the client's design objectives.


In additon, introducing already established individuals and businesses can provide further opportunities for all involved.