Founders Intro:


All of us, here in the United States, have heard the phrase, “The Founders.” Certain men come to mind immediately. But what was it exactly these “Founders” found? The Colonies were already here. State Governments were already in place. A Constitution, or Declaration of Independence, is not something that is, “found.” So, what does it mean? Why are they called that? Where did they come from?


The Boston Tea Party was the physical manifestation of a feeling (and discussions) that had been building for several years. It was the spark of one of the most significant periods of transition this planet has ever seen. And it was absolutely positively a Masonic team, with the inclusion of the Sons of Liberty. And on that night, Together,they began the necessary change to usher in that period in time of significant transition.


In brief, it’s 1775, and the English need more money to fund their constant conflicts overseas. And who better to over tax than the Colonialists. The Colonialists responded with the Tea Party. It was a signature act of defiance, which was noticed far and wide. It was a display of rebellious behavior against a mighty enemy (the crown). It took courage and purpose and conviction, because the consequences could be severe. It took a team, with a mission, and a determination to spark the interest in others to begin the journey towards change. Whatever that took. It took Masons, during this certain period in time, under certain circumstances, to generate the shift necessary. 




The Sons of Liberty, and the Boston Masons, shared the same headquarters (so to speak). They shared the same Lodge, away from Lodge. They shared a space where collective minds, full of reason and purpose and conviction, met to discuss not just the realities of the time, but also the possibilities of the future. And just like what was going on in Europe with men meeting during the Enlightenment, they met in public places, subtly, but assuredly. This particular establishment, where preparations for the Boston Tea Party occurred, was different though.  They met in The Green Dragon Tavern.


Because in addition to reason and purpose and conviction, it had something more. It had something that is not found in many places, even today. It had the ingredient necessary to produce the actions of men that would ultimately change the world. That ingredient was the city of Boston itself. Because it was there that the Spirit of the United States was sparked. A one-of-a-kind city, with one-of-a-kind-men, with a one-of-a-kind purpose. 



There is no doubt that many of the common folk, just trying to survive in Colonial America, were none-to-eager to risk everything they had in an effort to fight back against the British. But over time (and talking about just a few several years, less than a Quarter of a Generation), they could not have helped but notice the Spirit in which these few, but fiercely loyal to country and one another, men were taking up the Cause. These men who were willing to risk their lives for something they believed in. A Belief in Freedom. And these men, whether warriors or intellectuals, or somewhere in-between like Revere, were part of a Fraternal Order known as, the Masons.


Following the BTP, Britain comes back over the top with additional taxes, and rejects the request made for diplomatic financial compromise by Masonic Brother John Dickinson and John Jay (Conservatives). It should be noted, that while this was going on, a group of men (including numerous and well-known Masons) already knew that Freedom is not something achieved through compromise, or Negotiation, and Were Already Preparing for what would be Necessary to Achieve the Mission. This Group of spirited Men included the likes of Patrick Henry, Roger Sherman, Samuel Adams, and numerous others. Some Masons, others not. But all united in purpose. The purpose of Freedom from tyranny. The purpose of the People above the Crown, or Church. 


First Continental Congress: 1774 – the Founders Met to discuss what the Colonial response to Britain’s response to BTP ought to be. And there was a difference of opinion. It would take leadership to lead these men of leadership positions.


Beginning with the First Continental Congress, and all the way through the Third Constitutional Convention, there was a Man who Guided this Country, and the men of power and influence throughout the Colonies, and led them to achieve the greatest document ever written. He was the man, in the right position, under the right circumstances, at the right period of time to lead. He had the necessary compass, and knew what to do. His name was Peyton Randolph. And he was the Grand Master of all of the Lodges in the State of Virginia. Thus, every meeting that took place concerning the Constitution; the first time, the second time, and the third time, he presided over. And what made it work, what he knew that almost al the others did not (among other things), was how to run the room. Not like a Parliamentary session, or a king of court, but rather, as he knew. What had worked elsewhere to achieve Harmony and reach a higher purpose/connection. He ran it like a Masonic Lodge. Where each and every man in the room was on the level. As too would be the people of the soon to be/newly formed United States of America. Brother Peyton would not be the last Virginian, or Grand Master, to lead us to our Constitution.






Post American Revolution/War of Independence


Britain surrenders!!! We have our Freedom!!! Glory days have arrived! Now what?



Following England’s surrender, the 13 Colonies had nothing in place to over-see them. Previously, the crown of England provided much of the financial support to the Colonies. Now, we were on our own. As Benjamin Franklin said before the fight, “We must all hang together, or most assuredly we shall all hang separately,” so too would he have agreed that these states of the Colonies must find a way to hang together, or they will fall individually. In fact, he did so believe, which is why 10 years later, he was present when our Constitution was finally born. He had to be there. Was the only way it/we could pass. Even if it Meant, which it did, Carrying him to the statehouse Each and Every Day. For Months. He, along with another’s presence, embodied the necessary reminder of Spirit that the whole achievement was for and about. George Washington. The Fight it had taken to be in the position they were in. And both of these necessary icons were Masons. A General and an Intellectual. In the same room, whose presence alone was the driving force to get what needed to be done, done. And both Master Masons. And both Grand Masters: Franklin of Pennsylvania, and Washington of Virginia and Delaware. 


But Masons Were there throughout. This time period, from the Boston Tea Party in 1773 till the Constitution Convention in Philadelphia in 1787, was (along with the Enlightenment, but subjectively even more so here), the most significant period of transition that the world had seen in a long long time. And it is entirely within the span of Half a Generation. Again, with at least one Mason in Place to Guide us.


The War of Independence was not just a war that was Won. The Constitution that resulted from it, written on the very same kind of Hemp that George Washington and Thomas Jefferson grew, and the Spirit it was Rooted from, was The Dawn of a New World. 


This country, through its Constitution of laws and reason, and Faith in Spirit, was the “Foundation” of a new Order. An Order based on equality, and tolerance, and opportunity, and Freedom. An Order for a new world. Apart from the darkness and bloodshed that had existed for so long previously, under the control of the Church and the Crown. 


For what the Constitution produced was based on principles and virtues that had already been known to some of the men in the room. Knowledge that had been handed down from those that came before. From those that knew the way. All of the wording used had been seen before. By some. By those Who Attended Lodge. But What made this period of transition possible was that the Masons present and involved knew the time had come, given the circumstances and proper people in proper position, to share this knowledge. And they did. They introduced what they had been taught, and learned, individually and collectively. The difference being this time it would not be in code and in a cipher. The importance of the transition in time was entrusted to them (Which Really seems to Be a Consistent Occurrence). 



But How Could This Be Achieved? How could a Brand-New Country, with states full of people who have Zero interaction with One Another Agree on so Many Things? Nothing (Nothing) Had Ever Been Attempted Like This Before. It was an Idea born from passion and Belief in the possibility of Harmony (or some sense of it anyway. Despite man’s seemingly insatiable appetite for power and destruction.) A Belief in something Higher. For One Another, For All That Was, And For All That Is. #Above.


As is the case with just about everything, whether a building or An Idea, it begins with a premise/a foundation. And in regards to the Herculean Effort now before These Men, that would exemplify to the world what man was capable of Achieving at his very best, was perhaps best summarized by a Gentleman who was not as progressive as all the others we know of, and who ultimately did not agree with the overall outcome of the Constitution’s wording. However, at the outset (and throughout) he shared in the Higher purpose at hand. And as he described:


“Let out Government be like the solar system: General Government be the Sun, states the Planets Repelled Yet Attracted, and The Whole Moving Regularly and Harmoniously in their several Orbits.”


This Gentleman was John Dickinson. He was from Delaware. He was an active member of Masonic Lodge ________ and the Harmony he describes he learned in Lodge. Undoubtedly. 


Well, he May have Also spent time in the Library as Well.



1775: Second Continental Congress: Declaration of Independence

The Colonies came together in preparation for war. 56 delegates returned from the year before, and, again leading the conference, is Brother Peyton Randolph. Additional arrivals this time: Brother Benjamin Franklin of Pennsylvania and Brother John Hancock of Massachusetts (A Man Not Afraid to put his name on paper/Hemp). Of the 56, approximately 25% were known Masons. Others are known to have been very friendly with the Brotherhood. 


However, something very interesting, and not well known or taught, is that almost suddenly, out of nowhere, Brother Randolph was called back to Virginia to attend to business in the State Legislature. A few weeks later, a young man from Virginia returned to the meeting in Philadelphia in his place. Given his position in the Virginia Legislature, and his intellect and passion, undoubtedly Brother Randolph would have known (and Liked) this young man. A Lot. They were both men of Virginia, and men of Country. This young man was Thomas Jefferson. It is accepted that he was not a Mason, per se. But…what is known is that the General Manager of the Continental Congress, and Grand Master of Masons of Virginia, and established in the Virginia State Legislature, were all the same individual: Peyton Randolph. And this Brother left the Continental Congress (after it began) to attend to matters back home. And a few weeks later, his seat as a representative was replaced by Thomas Jefferson. Soon thereafter, the Declaration of Independence is finalized and read aloud to the world, thereby starting what would the first of many successful revolutions. With an exclamation point by Brother John Hancock. It was, again, at least one Mason, and in this case a few, in place to utilize the tools he possessed to get us all to where we needed to go. 




Pic of Declaration of Independence. Pic of Virginia Statehouse, UVA, CornerstoneQuote. Quote.


Interview Question – Given it was a time of significant transition, with necessary men in necessary positions, under the right circumstances, is it possible that the Grand Lodge of Virginia, Peyton Randolph in particular, coached the younger Thomas Jefferson on the principles/tenants of the Virginia Masonic Constitution? And where it came from?



On a side note, it is here, at this Continental Conference in 1775, that another Virginian Freemason takes a position on the stage. A Big Position. Brother George Washington is elected Continental #Chief of Forces. Brother Washington went on to accomplish a thing or two, as we will see.


The Spirit it took, by so many, to fight and defeat the British was not excused once the English sailed back home and left us alone. What we would do now as a country, having secured our Independence and Now a free people to govern ourselves, was the second part of this particular period in time of significant transition. And it was just as important. For What Good would all the bloodshed be, if Nothing special Came Out of/from It? But it Ultimately led to a Birth of a Nation the likes of which had never been seen in the History of this World. And hasn’t since. Up till this point at least. 


So…how to make this happen? How was a room full of wealthy men, mostly in their 40’s, some whoM fought but most whom did Not, from states that had little to do with one another (and probably having never even been there), going to come together, get along, and create a new government? Where would the starting place even be? From what source would the foundation come from? And who could begin the process of building this “Vision” on paper? 


This can be answered by recognizing (again selecting one of many potential examples) an individual whose contributions went/were above and beyond. 


There was A Man from Montpelier, Virginia, with a Very Cool Name, and even cooler intellect. His Name was James Madison. And He Earned the Title from/by Many as, “The Father Of Our Constitution.” Or, as I think we have seen by now, He Was the Right Mason in Place. A Mason for that Period in Time of Significant Transition.


Unable to fight on the battlefield, and having never been drawn to the “Revolutionary’ hyperbole that had preceded it, it was not until after he was in position, on his way to the Convention to work on a Constitution for this country that his true passion awoke. And by the time the Constitutional Convention began in 1787, Brother Madison was ready. He had already expressed his views in publications that were Widely distributed. Recently beforehand, back home in Virginia, he had pressed for and secured the emphasis for the “full and free exercise of religion,” in Virginia’s Declaration of Rights. This Declaration of Rights was brought to Philadelphia by George Mason, of the Virginian delegation, and in the not so distant future would be established as Amendment #1 Of our Constitution (and what so much of it all had been so much about for hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years. The break Away from the Church. The oppressive and controlling Church. And the Constitution would be a safeguard from allowing it to happen again. No longer would the Roman Catholic Church dictate how we should live our lives (#WTF?).


But…Brother Madison Would Not be called the, “Father of the Constitution,” if that was all He had done. While the free exercise of religion Is Beyond necessary and important, it is Not the Cornerstone of the Constitution (hence, “Amendment). It was Brother Madison’s insight, a deep and personally felt insight, into the importance of Balance that became the cornerstone. The cornerstone of the Constitutional document. And, thus, the cornerstone of this country. A balance. Two balances actually. Between the Federal Government and States, and between the three Branches of Government (testimony). 

         Interview Question: Explain what is meant by, “Balance.” - DoubleDay


The equal balance of power amongst the 3 branches of Government, the relationship between the Federal Government and the States, and the 1stAmendment’s separation of Church and State. All spearheaded by one man. 

A Mason. A Mason Who Laid Down The Cornerstone.


But he wasn’t done.


When the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia recessed, the document was still not finalized. Debate remained Over how strong the central government would be. Over the months to follow, 3 men made it Their Mission to Convince the Public that Their Plan was in the Peoples’ Best Interest. Along with Alexander Hamilton (Mason?), and John Jay, a Mason, they authored dozens of essays, and published what is known as, “The Federalist Papers.” Their argument that the strength of the Nation, via the 3 created, yet equal, branches of Government were the priority and means necessary to maintain a sense of unity (how quickly we forget after the war concludes). 


In June, 1788, Virginia became the 10thState to vote for ratification, with its own Brother James Madison’s Virginia Plan in place, and our Constitution Was Born to the World. 


James Madison – Pic 1, Pic 2 – Quote and Quote




As much a part of this Country as our American Flag. Established in and by Article III of our Constitution in 1789, it composed a High Court of a Chief Justice, and eight associate justices, to be Nominated by the President, confirmed by the Senate, and have Lifetime Tenure. Unless they should resign, retire, or be removed from office. 

Brother James Madison advocated for a national judicial authority and a compromise was ultimately reached between the Founders.


Thus, the biggest advocate for the Supreme Court, given its role of true protector of the Constitution, by interpreting laws and verifying their Constitutionality, was James Madison. A Master Mason, who though not on the Battlefield, fought alongside the Revolutionaries, who stood up to the Crown and the centuries of oppression at the hands of the Roman Catholic Church. A Church that not once championed freedom, of thought or body, and used violence to maintain their superiority. A Church that opposed our Independence. 



Brother John Marshall:  In the 1803 case of Marbury v. Madison  Marshall upheld the principle of judicial review. With this, the Supreme Court could strike down laws deemed unconstitutional. This helped cement the Judicial Branch as an independent and co-equal branch of government. Again, to ensure our freedom and protections afforded to us by the Constitution. The sacred document that had been fought for, and died for, by countless young men of this country. A document to avoid the edicts and opinion of the European Crown, and the Roman Catholic Church. 




War of 1812


Everything that had been fought for a Generation or so beforehand was tested in the War of 1812. To be brief, the English and France were, Again, Not getting along and blood was shed on Our Soil. The English, looking to generate more money to fight off France, started squeezing its Western Territories over Here (a Nation is Born). Especially in areas close/towards Canada. This was enough for President James Madison, who signed Congress’s War request. As an active Mason, (and referred to as the Father of our Constitution) he turned to (as I Would have) to the only man he knew who could carry the Nation, and the Military, through battle and Ultimately Achieve Victory. A Mason. A Brother. General Andrew Jackson (a lawyer, and then Judge, from Tennessee). 


Pic of James Madison – Quote


Pic of Andrew Jackson - Quote


They were a Mason first, and a President second. 




World War 1


The war to end all wars. With so much obvious loss of life on the horizon (which resulted), and the future of all of Europe (and probably the whole world) at stake, there would need to be a team to lead “Good” to Victory. France had fallen, as usual, and the rest of Europe would soon follow. And, as would prove to be the case throughout the rest of the 20thcentury, it would be up to us, the United States of America, to establish and lead that necessary team. 


And while many many men (and a few women) share the credit for our Ultimate Victory, in the beginning, the responsibility rested at the doorstep of two men: Woodrow Wilson and John Pershing. Two Masons. One from Virginia and the other from Missouri. These men had more than Resolve, Patriotism, Courage, and Conviction in common...they both possessed knowledge they had gained in their Masonic Lodge. Thus, in the early part of the 20thcentury, with the world’s balance so off that war was upon it, there were Master Masons in place, in the necessary positions, with Extremecircumstances around them, during an obvious period in time of Significant Transition.


General John Pershing, of Lincoln, Nebraska, Lodge 19, was from Laclede, Missouri, and became Commander of the American Expeditionary Force (AEF) on the Western front. After graduating West Point in 1886, he began his military career in the New Mexico Territory. He was appointed to “General of the Armies,” The Highest Possible position in the United States Army. WW II recognized 5 Star Generals, but because Brother Pershing was the only individual Ever to Hold the rank of “General of the Armies,” it can be said he was/is this Country’s only 6-star General. A 6-star General, who was A Mason, to Lead the United States Army during the War to End ALLWars. 


(“I haven’t heard about the Masons in Awhile.” “Me Neither. But I haven’t heard about Generals too Much Recently As Well.” “That’s a Good Thing.” “But Wait.” 


Brother President Woodrow Wilson, born in Staunton, Virginia, had a remarkable career: he Was President of Princeton, and Governor of New Jersey. His father was a leading Southern Presbyterian and helped to found the Presbyterian Church in the South. And While Brother Wilson’s Faith remained a constant guiding principle/light through Brother Wilson’s life. While certainly not as religious as his Father, he held on the Values and Virtues that were demonstrated to Him from such an Earl(y) Age. This would serve him well, when, in 1913, he was Elected President. (IC). And the whole world was about to shake.


As President, there are dozens of achievements to mention, including the passage of the Federal Reserve Act, thereby creating the central banking system, known today as the Federal Reserve System. Further, as President, he oversaw the passage of progressive legislative policies unparalleled until the New Deal in 1933. Not to mention the League of Nations he created, with the goal of ensuring Harmony over death and destruction.


This early period of Progression allowed our Country to build, and develop, and evolve. Particularly Given we were Only around 150 Years Old at that Time. May be Old for a building, But certainly Not for a Country. And Certainly Not for An Entire Planet. And All That Which Rests Above. (“Under the Canopy of Heaven.”  


But two events required him to live up to every Masonic principle he possessed. The first was when he entered Office, and the second Was when he left. 


His predecessor, President William Howard Taft, a Master Mason as well, supported the Mexican Revolution that began in 1910. A Fight against Elite Power and Oppression, it cannot be a coincidence that the Spirit of the revolutionaries, led by Pancho Villa (Pic…Quote Ready) occurred when Masons were in the oval office. In fact, many believe (and it is pretty obvious) that it was American Masons who aided/guided our neighbors to desire/understand/and fight for the most basic and necessary of all human conditions: Freedom. The rebels were successful in ousting the regime, i.e. Spain…and Church, and Mexicans were more-free than they were before. But Wilson took it one step further. He demanded that democratic elections be held. 


Today, few in Mexico realize that they too had Masons leading the way for them towards Victory (even More so than We do). However, some know. Recognition can be found in the cities that house the Spirit, Conviction, and Courage necessary to win. Where certain men, whether a Mason or not, are honored and Revered. In fact, A city exists that not only pays Homage to such Virtue, but there is an Entire building in his Name. A special Building in a special City, that represents their Spirit & Soul. A building of Justice, in fact. And It’s Named after a General Jose Maria Morelos. De Michoacan.


BUT…Once U have it, U May find Yourself In a Position, At a Period in Time of Significant Transition, Where a Path May Be Opened UP to You, Requiring U 2 Lead a Large & Critical Mass of People Through The Dessert. And When that Time Comes/Arrives, U Must be Willing 2 Fight. BeCause You’re Going to Need To Do so. 



This duty/obligation/understanding of Masonic guidance would serve him, and our great-great grandparents well, when the fate of the world was at stake in 1914, when a few evil madmen were determined to take over the world.



Brother Pershing not only provided the leadership needed for us to be victorious, but he provided the leadership to the next wave of men that would needed during the next period in time of significant transition. This time, it wasn’t hundreds of years later. Rather, it was exactly one generation in time. One generation separated the “war to end all wars” from full scale death and destruction on a level never witnessed before. But, while most of the world took shelter to survive and/or watched on in horror, a team was in place to answer the call. Our country had a team in place: Eisenhower, Marshall, Bradley, McNair, Wainwright, Patton, Doolittle, MacArthur (pics)…American Generals, built American tough. And ALL trained under the tutelage of Brother John Pershing. And half of whom were Master Masons themselves.


Pershing – Pic and Quote


Wilson – Pic and Quote


--- We had “2” “special” Masons During WW I. The World was on The Brink. And so it seems that they Arrive Just at the Right Moment(s) in Time. They Had Knowledge it seems. They Knew THE Right Path. Almost As If TheyKnew Something. And They Knew What To Do. ---








World War II


The “War to End All Wars” lasted less than 20 years…The Next Generation, despite having lost over 100,000 fathers, sons, brothers, and husbands (with over 200,000 more injured), to war, found themselves once Again threatened by a Few Evil Madmen in Europe. Again, while an Ocean Lay in-between, it began to become clear, Crystal Clear, that there was No Choice. Must Engage. #G. The Fate of the World was Again at stake. Oppression, tyranny, hate, and darkness were consuming country after country, and if we did not fight back, and assist our English Brethren, who would? There was no one really left. And, once again, as had been the case numerous times before, such a period in time of significant transition, perhaps more so than before, found itself with Masons in the right positions under these circumstances. And the questions of, “What do we do? and, “How do we do it?” were in the hands of Masons. And, again, they had the answers, and ultimately led us to victory. Why? Because they, as Masons, had the Necessary Compass. And they had one another. And we had them. 


Brother Churchill (Mason) improbably found himself in the position of Prime Minister. Eastern Europe had already been taken over, France would soon follow, and the Germans would soon be at the footstep of the England Island. The King of England (George VI), assuming the throne in a most improbable fashion, was also a Brother (correct?). Churchill, a man who marched to the beat of his own drum, could not have lasted as PM if the King initiated replacing him. But the King and Churchill shared the common Masonic vision: Faith and Belief in the Cause of Freedom. No matter the cost. “Never surrender!” But they needed help, and they needed it quickly. 




Brother Churchill turns to the only other Mason in a position to assist him, his Country, and the fate of Europe. The 32ndPresident of the United States, and 32ndDegree Master Mason (and Knight of Pythian, and not to be confused with Knight of Columbus), Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The story, as we know it, is that FDR stalled because Congress was disinterested due to recovery of Mind, Body, And souL, of WW I. And this is True. Congress had passed measures to severely limit our involvement oversees, and a Libertarian foreign policy of isolation was in place. But Brother to Brother, Leader to Leader, Both Knew (#Knights) that there were Ultimately Going to have to be the Ones to Figure It Out. But FDR wasn’t ready. Yet. 


But it Wasn’t Going to be So Easy. Our Country hadn’t finished licking its chops from the previous World War. It had taken nearly everything we had to Fight-Off the Enemy. And now Europe was back at it Again? 

(WTF? How is that Even Possible?) #CASH #H2O




Thus, FDR Makes two things Happen: Congress passes the Lend-Lease act, which provides some American Military muscle to Britain, because, as he said, “When your neighbor’s house is on fire, you help put it out,’ (Want he Would have said if he Could Would have been, “When Your Brother’s House Is On Fire, You Go And Help Him Put It Out!”). Period. As any Master Mason Would Echo. Second, FDR knows all too well that Whomever replaces him will inherit the Fate of the World. No One Doubts that The War raging is going to go the distance and one side is going to have to be destroyed for some sense of finality to be achieved. It’s just a Matter of time. But Whom could FDR Trust to Lead? FDR knew he didn’t have much time left (his health was rapidly deteriorating), and after the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, All Were at risk.  Thus, whomever would replace him as the 33rdpresident of the United States, would need to possess the same qualities and characteristics as he believed he possessed. The Rightperson, to be in the Right position, Under unusual/certain circumstances. And, of course, someone the people of this Country Could also Trust, and Vote for. He Found that Mason, to be the 33rdPresident, in Harry S. Truman, a 33rddegree Mason, from Lamar, Missouri. FDR appointed Brother Truman as his Vice President and, 3 months later, Harry S. Truman inherited the Fate of the World. The war was still ravaging the world, and this period in time of significant transition was reaching its Boiling Point. Again, a Master Mason, was tasked with the responsibility to answer/know the what to do, and the how to do it…and had perhaps the greatest team of American Generals to ever lead Men either on Land and or sea.


THE GENERALS: As Mentioned, Brother Pershing Mentored all of these unbelievable men. The likes of Eisenhower, and Patton, and MacArthur deserve volumes of description to do them justice. But Doolittle is the epitome of a Mason’s Mason, and a warrior’s warrior. 


Point of this: a Mason’s Mason, leading America’s finest, during a time of ultimate significant transition.




Pic of Brother General and Quote - 


Pic of Brother General and Quote - 


Pic of Brother General and Quote - 


Pic of other Officers in Armed Forces - 


Admiral Nimitz



Harry S. Truman: The decision Truman faced…an untold number of Young American Men sacrificed before surrender (which the Japanese made clear was never going to happen via conventional warfare) vs./or the total devastation (and probable arms race) of an entire land and unknown innocent lives. Either way, many would perish, and Earth would never be the same. And Brother Truman made the decision. He Knew that he was the Mason in Position, during this time of significant Transition, under the Circumstances, to Make the Call. And His Answer went Out. Very far and Wide. And Was Heard By Many. Many.


The dropping of the atomic bomb ended the war, but also in itself signaled a new and significant period of transition: Man, as never before, demonstrated to the Galaxies what he was capable of. Technology of weaponry, and the darkness of Man, was put on all full display. Which meant one of two things that only time would tell: Peace or Destruction. Today, there Appears to be 3rdoption Which renders the Previous two Moot: and that is there may not be much to destroy or be peaceful on for Much longer. 



After the smoke from the rubble cleared, and inventory was taken, the amount of lives lost in WW II is Absolutely Shocking. Russia and China alone Lost More Than 35 Million Beings. Approximately half a million American lives were sacrificed, and well over 600 hundred thousand injured. Multiplied by all the families torn apart. 


To the objective observer, this period in time is hard to digest. The war to end all wars caused so much pain and destruction, and yet less than a full generation later, everyone was back at it. Thus, the question: why do wars occur? What creates the need to sacrifice so much for power and control? What is it about man that drives him to be so callous and destructive? What is the point of one war, when history demonstrates its sequel, either way, is around the corner? Where was/is the Faith? Where is the belief in a better way, a better path, a better resolution? Where is the light being stronger than the darkness?


Because while the Masons can be, and have been, entrusted with unfathomable responsibility (Go Team!), such Trust cannot be extended to mankind in general. From the dawn of man, it seems armed conflict has been part of human nature. History has documented as such: from Ancient Empires, to the Catholic Crusades, to funny-looking men with mustaches. And World War II demonstrated humanity’s ability to come to the very brink of destroying one another and the planet. Not only were some 50-80 million beings taken, but the weaponry displayed was beyond comprehension. It sent a message to whomever was noticing, that we, as a human race, were capable of devastating action. But, perhaps this was what it would take to learn the lessons, and, rather than fight, we would seek cooperation with one another. Nope. The answer to this question, of whether we could co-exist without bloodshed, was answered just 10 years later (a quarter of a Generation) with the Korean conflict (WTF, how is that Even Possible?). Thus, the Conclusive realization perhaps that if left to our own devices, we, as a species, will wipe each other out, and /or take out the planet first. And dammed be to everybody and anybody and everyone and everything else.


But while the Masons, through Lodge and Masonry, produce great Leaders/Leadership, it is the individual man that is ultimately responsible. It is only he who can extract all the knowledge of Virtue and connection to a higher purpose and achievement that Freemasonry offers/can be found in Lodge. Only he can choose to Believe. And because Brother Truman did so, on as grand of a scale as any preceding and fellow Mason to sit in the oval office beforehand, was he even in the right position, under those circumstances, during that period in time of significant transition, to lead the way. He was the only one with the requisite Faith in a Supreme Being, devotion to country and military, with vision and Spirit of and in the Cause. The Spirit in Cause that every other Masonic Brother, in that position, has had since the founding of our Country (and Perhaps Before that as Well). Because Brother Truman had the tools. The Tools Necessary to Lead us to Victory. And he did. We won. We Were Victorious. (A Mason Got Us Through)



         QUOTES, PICS, QUOTES of Truman. 





BUT…Once these Masons had “It”, or in order to get “It,” they all had to Agree: that if they ever were to find themselves in a Position in time of Significant Transition, where imbalance was severe, and All were at risk, a Path may (and will) be presented. A Direction Of Sorts. To lead people through to where they need to go. Because that would be the responsibility of the Mason in that Position. And the Mason had it because, at least the one in the position, could handle it. He would have to. (Compass). 





(((This is part of our Masonic History in this Country, Generally speaking. An example of the men who were not just fierce Masons, but they were also fierce Patriots. And the impact they have had, in every Century, is unparalleled. When this country needed the right man, in the right position, at the right time, and under very specific circumstances: the ingredients of a period in time of significant transition: time and time and time again, it has been a Mason who answered the call. A Mason who led this country through the darkness to where we needed to go. Victoriously.)))


This brings us to today, and the Baby Boomer Generation. Born from the mid-40’s through the early to mid 60’s, for two Generations now they have compromised the largest Generational block on the planet. However, this will end over the next 2 to 3 years (Forbes article/WSJ). And while the debate can be had regarding the men of the Baby Boomer Generation’s lasting impact on Us. Gen X, and our younger brothers, and sisters, and nieces, and nephews, as Millennials, the impact they have had on the/our Fraternal Order, is undeniable. It has become stale interpretations by older conservative men. When, the truth of the matter is, it is, and always was, meant for young men with old souls. On and off a Battlefield. 


And the Masonic Fraternal Order, on a whole, is nowhere near, Nowhere near, not even in the same Universe, as strong and relevant as it was before. During the Greatest Generation years, and every Generation that had preceded it, going back a long long long time ago, our Fraternal Order has led the way. It had the Brothers who stepped up and forward, if for no other reason than they took their sense of Duty seriously to heart, and knew the times called for the Virtues elaborated upon in Lodge to be whether so dispersed around the world. And, as (a) Mason, it was ultimately proven that a path/way was Known to exist. to have known a/the way. Time and time and time again. Because they had the tools Necessary find a Path. They then had to have the Purpose of Conviction in their Purpose to be in the Right Position, At the Right Time, In the Right Place, With the Right Circumstances to Lead. And They Always Have. And Will. Maybe. #tiKtOk.


As Brother George Washington explained, “One thing and only one thing a Masonic Lodge can give its members which they can get nowhere else in the world. That one thing is #Masonry.”


But…while for the most part true, it is a Bit Vague and Masonry is multi-layered. However, one of our Generals will always be forgiven. Especially when referencing Masonry. The important issue, right now, is not understanding what Masonry is/entails/provides…a Compass is not achieved overnight. For some it takes years and years, others a shorter while, others a lifetime, and some aren’t interested, or don’t know about it all. In fact, many Masons have not connected with a Compass at all, and don’t even know what I’m talking out (though they kinda do). It’s about Direction. The Direction Above. 


The truth is that #Masonry is based in the Lodge, and thus it is there which the knowledge flows from. And this is THE ISSUE. It is the access to this information/knowledge, and lack thereof, because of the older and conservative men in the higher positions, who have all the influence (or the younger ones in positions just follow the older ones who are the epitome of what I am talking about here, or don’t have the numbers beside them to do anything about it).


In some ways, Masonic Lodge is different, obviously, from when Brother Washington attended. I imagine it was a lot darker inside the room, and a lot colder than it is today. I would imagine the Brothers greeted one another the same as they do today, and once they passed through the doors and into the Lodge room, certain language styles of the day aside, much then is like it is now. Except for two Key differences. The first is that 7/8 out of 10 of the men in the room would not have been over the age of 55, Like they Are Today. And 50% of the Brothers in attendance would not be there solely because they had the free time and out of obligation. Rather they would have been excited, and engaged, and full of encouragement for the young man. It would have been excitingto go/be in Lodge. As it ought to be. Today…despite what you mat hear to the contrary, it is far from exciting. Almost always. But it could be A LOT of fun. With the Right Music. And The Right Mason.